Monday, 18 August 2008

On runaway girlfriends

So my girl's ran away from home...

Some argument with her dad late last night and she got the train and went to her friends house in Wales. Her best friend (who put me in **** for claiming to fancy her) has been phoning me non-stop for the past hour and a bit trying to find out where she is.
My girl's told me but I've told the best friend she's at another friends house (who put coke in her soup a while back and drugged her) and she eventually got through that and believes she's at this place in Wales even though my girl won't confirm it wid her. Apparantly her dad stayed home from working at the pub he owns because he's "crying on the setee" (which I don't believe because he has a loooong criminal record).

- adamjaxe via some message board

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